Gbagada FC in the

Bridging the gap, evolving together

Gbagada Football Club was born out of one of the oldest places that sit at the center of a city – and a community that broods exceptional minds and group of people for decades.
Football brings about inspiration, uniformity and engagement amongst people. The influence of the game has the ability to stir a positive movement for a brighter future.
In capitalising on the dominating effects of the game we are determined to focus on using it in the lifting and building a greater community.
A community that shares a mutual understanding and respect, awareness to health, gender equality and connecting the people through the best programs.
In 2018, we organised our first community project ‘Play4Life’ as we aimed at the charitable course of creating awareness and educating on the Sickle-cell disease. 
These projects have the players and staff commit enormously into them when organised at specific periods throughout the season.
The Gbagada in the community project is one that has been designed to nurture the official charity home of the club; ‘The Gbagada FC Foundation‘. With this initiative, we’ll be able to reach more and give back to a community of people for numerous benefits.
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