The Badge

The story of Gbagada FC's Club crest

Our club crest captures the identity of Gbagada Football Club and the formative years of the Gbagada community.

We take a look at our crest, what the component consists and signify.

The primitive Gbagada environs was once an abode for the Eagle birds which presence were notably seen up until the early 90’s.

Gbagada’s club crest was formed capturing the identity of an Eagle with a crown on which represents her superiority and uniqueness amongst other birds.

The current crest maintains the Eagle with a more majestic crown on and gazing with much focus. 

A redesign was effected to change the direction of the Eagle from looking behind to focusing straight ahead.

Our year of establishment is branded below in place of the former badge signifying our old nickname.

Inside the crest is composed of colours in royal, navy and our primary deep blue, with the texts written in white.

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