About Gbagada FC

We are Gbagada Football Club – The Blue Eagles. 


Our vision is to develop raw talents giving and supporting them with the technical backup needed in their process of being a professional athlete.


Gbagada Football Club strives to produce an elite professional by creating and participating in programs, which will help improve ability and skills. Promoting friendship, oneness, and love through the diversity of culture in society.

Also giving the Fans an experience filled and fun-packed match day extravaganza.


Gbagada is the most central part of Lagos linking both the Island and the Mainland part of the city; the area is rich in its diversity of culture and social activities. It has evolved to become one of the most coveted places to be on the mainland side of the commercial city. 


Many teams have formed out of Lagos rather few from Gbagada, especially at the big stages. Gbagada Football Club was birthed to build a reputable and formidable status, raising the tide for teams in the Gbagada environs for professionalism and excellence. 


Since 2013, we have brought a community together by developing the young talented ones around through our laid structure and special soccer programs.

Prior to this time, it was all but a dream as young boys within Gbagada gathers playing the popularly known five aside game during the evening times on weekdays and mornings on weekends.

Over the years the five aside games were the tradition for these ones and also attracted boys from the nearby neighborhoods who also joined in to play the five asides.

As time goes by, aside games made the discovery of raw talents within the group which made them form a full team which was able to go outside and play with other teams in some friendly and local competitions capacity going by the name ‘GBOIZ FC’ at the time. 

Gboiz FC mellowed at some point because of key members in the squad needed to surge ahead with education, apprentices outside the area and some others relocated away from the environment. Gbagada Football Club came back as a result of a dream which was once driven by the dissolved Gboiz FC by an Ex member of the team, ‘Akinyelu Olajide’ who during the period has pursued a career in coaching at the NIS (National Institute of Sports) Lagos, Nigeria.

The passion to keep the team relevant remained and the cause became clearer. As more talents keep brooding in the Gbagada environs, the drive was to put these ones together giving them the technical support needed taking them from the grass-root level to be able to ascertain the professional status they’ve dreamed for and equally placing Gbagada Football Club on the map as an elite team and one to reckon with in the metropolitan city. 

At our first attempt playing in the league, we made an instant impact, as we gained promotion in our debut season into the NLO Division 1, the 3rd tier league competition

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