We are pleased to announce that DPhortunate Global Ventures is on board as our travel partner for the remainder of our 2021/22 season.
The partnership is one which the Gbagada FC brand is proud to be in a working relationship with which will bring about some touring and relaxation exposure for our players, staff and fans alike.
DPhortunate will bring in their expertise to work with the club in the extended tourism industry and wider logistics as it has to do with both local and international trips schedule.
As part of the partnership, DPhortunate and Gbagada will be sending our 2022 Player of The Year’ and a lucky fan for an all-expense-paid 5-day trip to Dubai, UAE at the end of the current football season.
Both the club and Dphortunate Global are delighted about this collaboration and are looking forward to such an exciting partnership ahead.
‘Everyone at the club is thrilled about this partnership and it’s the first of its kind for us at Gbagada. Football is a sport that takes a lot from the players and it’s always nice for them also to have a quality relaxation period.
It is nice to have DPhortunate onboard and with them, we can organise some of our holidays both local and international with ease and we hope to have a swell time together in this working relationship.’
‘We are delighted to partner with Gbagada FC and our passion for football makes it interesting for us, coupled with the fact that the branding and standard of Gbagada make them one of the very best around.
In Nigeria football today, they’re one of the best in terms of media and other creatives which we know will run best with our objectives. We’re looking forward to the most successful partnership.’
DPhortunate Travel Agency deals in; visit, study, holiday and group tour, sales of flight tickets (local and international). Visa consultancy and procurement, Human Management & Resources and general merchant.


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