Welcome Back!

Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.

Hello Blues,
I’m most elated to welcome you back and a happy new year to all our fans. I do hope you have a swell holiday because I do and it was fun spending time with friends and family.
Straight into the mix was our first game of the year and kickoff of the Creative Championship League. This is one competition that gets us underway just before the commencement of the NLO1 and we’re excited to go off to a winning start.
In case you might have missed it the Blue Eagles scored an early goal more like seconds into the start of the game against Atlantic Business which was well converted by Marvellous Adiele, the goal went on to be the only goal on the day and was enough for our 3 points.
It was also a beautiful sight to see some of our fans out there again at the Legacy Pitch of Surulere Stadium, we already know that come rain and shine you’re always with us and that gives us some soothing relief.
Also, I wasn’t going to miss telling you about our new partnership with DPhortunate Global Ventures. They are on board as our ‘Official Travel Partner’ and there’s an exciting time ahead.
Still, on the partnership, one lucky fan will be accompanying our ‘Player of The Year’ for 2022 on a 5-day trip to Dubai, UAE at the end of the current season. I guess there will be more information from the club on how that will go about but I feel that’s some big one a lovely gesture from the club’s management. Would you be that fan?
Now, we’re back and there is plenty of football and business ahead so let’s get seated and strapped with our blue flags flying high while we cheer on the boys in Blue. I will be seeing you soon!
Let’s Go Blues!
Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.


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