Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.

Hello Blues, it’s good to have you back and here is to wishing you a Happy New Year! 
Last year seems quite a long and very complicated one and we will be hoping for a smoother year in 2021. For every one of us and as a team we would like to hit our aims at the end of the year.
The lads have returned to the training ground after the festive break and the attention immediately switches back to The Creative Championship which is set to continue next week.
A big task is ahead for the Blues as we face Ijebu United in our next game, all hands have to be on deck to get a decent result out of that game and begin the year on a flying start.
Talking about the League we’ve been informed about the commencement of The Nationwide League One (NLO) season sometimes in February, we’ll have more information in the coming weeks from the League’s Management.
Back to the Club, Edema Peter who had such an impressive month was named the Player of The Month for December and also at the League level. The forward also had his contract extended with the Club for a further three (3) years. 
It’s a new year but the season continues, the focus and objectives remain the same for the team. The work goes on behind the scene for a much-needed improvement in results.
I would like to also congratulate winners of our last quiz who have been contacted by the Club on the different social media platforms. 
Again, it’s so nice to be writing out to you this year and hopefully, we can all be back together soon and cheer on the boys. 
Always remember to adhere to the health guidelines and keep to safety precautions surrounding the COVID-19. Stay safe out there and oh yes! Stay Blue!


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