Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.

The season is up and running with the games coming in thick and fast for the team, the boys have had some busy couple of weeks on their tab. For us supporting from the sidelines, it’s been some intriguing and entertaining sight.
The TCC Cup has been going on swiftly with four (4) points secured from two games played. With the new week brooding it is set to be a busy one for the Blues at the TCC as we will be looking to finish the last two games and secure a spot for the semifinals next year.
Oh, while we leave the TCC for a bit let’s not forget we’ve been participating in the Lagos FA Cup which we joined in the round of 32 and guess what there was something huge that happened on that front, yes, you might need to jump to the next paragraph for the tea.
I know right, you want the tea spilt, well it’s no secret we are in the semifinals of the FA Cup for the very first time in our club history doing one better from our fit from the 2016 edition when we made it to the quarterfinals as a non-league side. It is historical for us and one which will go down as a famous game in our history books.
Maybe it was all written in the sky and destined to be we might never know but football did happen when Marvellous Adiele came on from the bench and four minutes later he scored the historic goal and also opened his scoring account for the club. It was such a thing of beauty I must say.
It was all celebration for everyone, the players, coaches, staff and fans onsite and online over the weekend. The win meant so much for the team. In the midst of it all, I took note of a particular picture taken by our media team and that told the whole story of the day, the passion and emotions it does speak volumes of the kind of support behind this team.
We go into the semifinals this week and we are taking it all out giving it all it takes, we are in it to win it there’s no limit to how big we can dream and we are soaring on for this.
Again, it’s a busy and big week ahead for the Blues the FA Cup semis and final in view, TCC Cup first half of games lined up before we head out for the calendar year and yes we are Gbagada we would love to do it in style.
I will be right back in a jiffy but right now have got to go prepare to wave the blue flag high as we go into an interesting period before the yuletide break. Get behind the Blue Eagles and let’s do this together!
Yes, Blues!
Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.


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