Happy Holidays!

Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.

Hey hi,
It’s that time of the year again where we get all set for the festivities in the air as we go about to merry with friends and family.
A quick look at what the Blues were up to in the past week before the lads went off for the Yuletide break. We had such a good ride in the Lagos FA Cup and also got qualifications at the TCC Championship Cup.
The FA Cup was a big one for us to be playing in the semifinals for the very first time in our history and for everyone on the ground to watch the team could tell the lads gave every inch of themselves in that contest and we are very proud of the team for a fantastic outing.
Still, on the FA Cup semi-final, I would like to call out the Blues striker Ademola Akibu, he was an unplayable one on the day and grabbed a brace for himself. It was an immense display from the big number 9. We should keep our eyes on him come 2022.
I thought we gave a good account of ourselves as a team and we bowed out high in the competition, can’t wait to see how this group continue in the coming year. They can only get much better with the kind of display and character on the show at the FA semifinal.
Oh yes, there was also the Creative Championship Cup business to settle barely 24hrs after the FA Cup game the boys were mentally out and physically knackered and fatigued but there was still a job to be done.
As we would have it with eight (8) points we came second in the group which sends us to the semifinals of the TCC Cup which will be played next year in April against Dino in a home and away form.
The boys are now away for the few weeks break with the business end of 2021 done. Time for some relaxation of the body and mind and to refuel for the long months ahead.
With lots of football scheduled for the coming year; TCC League, FA Cup 2022, NLO1 & The Creative Championship Cup, we’re surely locked in for a long ride with the Blue Eagles.
For this time, I will be saying my Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in advance to you and I wish you a bountiful celebration and happy holidays ahead. See you in a jiffy! Stay Blue.
Hola Blues!
Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.


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