It Means More!
Football is such an entertaining game, which draws passion and emotions from both fans and the players alike. The attention being given to the sport just shows how much loving it is to everyone involved with the game.
This is one sport that unifies the world at large not considering our diversity, race or religion. Football itself preaches oneness and uniformity, condoning all sorts of care, respect and love for each other.
Some of our players and staff explains in this Valentine Specials about their love for the game and what it all means to them being a part of the global sport.
FAGBAYI SEMIU (Attacker): ‘I really can’t tell what my life would be without football today. I started playing as a kid and it was my first love. The first thing I want to do returning from school is to kick a ball even before attending to my assignments.
Football and I are inseparable that is why I keep working hard to get the best out of myself. This game and being a footballer gives me hope daily and I cherish all opportunities that the game has brought my way so far.’
NWOCHA MARTINS (Defender): ‘Started out playing on the streets, there was so much fun playing football with your friends in the neighbourhood. We then moved to play on the big field, it is just so interesting when I take a look back at those days.
This game gives me the opportunity to utilize my talents and skills, keeping me away from trouble and makes me have something to concentrate on. My love for football can’t be quantified and that’s why I have to keep going.’
ADEKUNLE BILIAMEEN (Defender): ‘My parents wanted me to go to school, so I did went and got that degree. It never stopped me from pursuing my career in football.
It is more than just a game for me, it has formed my lifestyle which I am so passionate about. It makes me happy and you would find it easier as a person to be able to do do what makes you happy daily and craving a career path towards that direction.’
EDEMA PETER (Attacker): ‘I am a graduate, an entrepreneur and most of all a footballer. My love for football has gotten me where I am at this moment because I never relented in developing myself as a professional footballer.
The only person that would make me stop dreaming about football is myself and I don’t think I would ever stop dreaming about this game. I like to dream big and I will keep working to make that come to pass.’
OLAJIDE AKINYELU (Manager): ‘For me, football has always been a passion and that’s what I followed till this day.
I grew up watching football on television to playing on the sand, concrete and the pitch. Initially, I wanted to be a footballer myself, but I realised early enough I can’t go on professionally.
My love for the game made me take on the challenge of heading to a Coaching school, so I can then train people to become a professional.’
Football means so much to everyone in several ways, being a supporter or a player, it is a game that connects the emotion and the excitement we all derive.
As we show care and love today we as a football club also shares in that passion football has given to us in the overwhelming love from our community and fans all over.
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