Even though football activities haven’t been given the all-clear for resumption, the guidelines haven’t been officially updated as to when training can commence.


There has been anticipation from the players and staff of wanting to get back to the pitch and continue working for the season ahead.


Odubamise Michael speaks about his excitement on getting back on the pitch amidst other thoughts as he shares in this Word Spurs.

MICHAEL: ‘The news of football resumption a few weeks ago met us all in a good place because this is one thing as a football player has been looking out for.
At the moment we haven’t resumed training as the club still awaits the final guidelines from the governing body.
We do understand that the necessary precautions have to be put in place for the safety of everyone. It is also important for everything to be properly conducted for a suitable condition for everyone involved.
Looking ahead, all I can think about is meeting up with my teammates and getting in the work on the training pitch. 
The thing is we don’t have an idea yet of how¬†the¬†season will be drafted and the schedule also,¬†so all we need to put our focus on is how we’re¬†preparing within our group.
The way we treat our sessions has to be as though there’s a match in the next few days. Our body and mind have to be in the right shape for the season’s opener.
The defender further talked about the highs and lows during the shutdown of football for the past few months and gave some encouraging words to everyone struggling in this period.
At the end of this pandemic, a lot of losses would be recorded in several aspects as it was never an economical advantage in any way. This is the very one that affected every human in one way or the other.
As a sportsman, I did take refuge in my daily workout routines during the lockdown phase and I always find my peace doing it and that always gives me a positive vibe and optimism.
I will like to encourage everyone to engage their body in some sort of exercising, so as for you to keep fit and remember to always look on that bright side and remain positive.’


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