In no time competitive football will be back as there has been a green light for resumption of football activities after about five-month hold due to the pandemic.

Team captain and forward; Fagbayi Semiu anticipates the return to full training and explains the importance of starting the season on the right note both as a team and individually.

Being relieved about the turnaround from the announcement.

Semiu: ‘For the record, I personally was very elated when I got that information. Like we can all get back to the pitch soon after that long break, it is so relieving and I can’t wait.

‘This is what I love to do on a daily basis, so for me to wake up one day and not be able to train and play makes me feel so uncomfortable at the slightest thought of it.


Aiming for the best of the season ahead.

Semiu: ‘I strive always to be the best version of myself and that applies to my game. All I want for the upcoming season is to be fully fit all through so I can be able to help my team.

‘It is only natural for me to place my aim high and set my focus straight, all I need do is put my head in the game and go a step at a time as they come up.

‘As a forward, I need to also opt my goal involvement from how I performed last season. Creating and scoring goals is what I love to do in my attacking position, which I would want to improve on for this campaign.


The importance of starting strong.

Semiu: ‘It is very necessary for us to start off strong with a positive result, that in itself will give us a boost and some sort of confidence going into the next game.

‘There is a certain kind of feeling it brings which makes the whole squad zealous going into the season.

‘We need to set that pace for ourselves and be ready for what comes ahead. It’s all about the hard work and how dedicated we are to our objectives.

Leading with example going forward.

Semiu: ‘We are all leaders in our several ways and with that attitude, we will all work together as a team both on and off the pitch.

‘Sure, I am always going to represent my teammates on the field of play and it is expected of me to be lead right and show the best of me out there’.



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