Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.


As we celebrate our great nation today on our independence day, I do hope you are having such a lovely day.

Today, I would like to bear my thoughts on the development of our football and the organization of its structure. 

Nigeria is regarded as the“Giant of Africa” for so many reasons and it will be quite a shame if our football is lacking behind in this regard.

Football beyond the obvious fact is the most popular sport in our country and it is only right that it gets back to the mainstream with a proper foundation.

‘There has to be a deliberate effort to upgrade the structures and standards of our football. There’s much to benefit from the industry in creating room for opportunities across the country.

‘Football is a multi-million dollar industry that can bring about a booming growth to the economical sphere of the nation. We need to explore the depth of this sport and get the very best out of it.

‘We have thousands of untapped raw talents in the game and the very best that can represent Nigeria in the continental and international competitions in the nearest future. Our scouting streams need to be revitalized.

‘There is an utmost need for more refined basic facilities across the nation and they should also be made available for the use of grassroots development and most importantly their adequate maintenance.

‘The administrative arm of the football sector is a vital part of the growth of any football federation. We have to make sure that qualified personnel is in positions of policies and decision making for an accountable and sustainable development.

‘Football commercialization and branding is a topmost necessity for a well and notable representation of our football outfits to the commercial community. Development in itself will be rapid with an influx of commercial investors within the sector.

‘Everyone involved in the football community from the footballers, coaches, officials, stakeholders, administrators, media, etc. We have to work together and build a solid future for the development of football in Nigeria’.



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