Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.


Hello Blues, it’s a beautiful Thursday and gradually September is moving on such a very fast pace, a reassurance that the year is fast coming to an end.

It was just a couple of weeks back the government announced the resumption of football activities and we in the football network in the country felt some actual relief after that confirmation.

For us, we are still not back to full resumption as we await the full guidelines from the State authorities as to how active sport returns.

A big question on the lips of every football-loving fan is what happens next in our football sector? What the safety measures are should in case of an eventual restart of the leagues.

It is what it is and the pandemic has happened to the year, which has affected how lots of things are being done and carried out all over the world.

We have to be certain of how we carry out daily routines from here on. As a club, we are deliberate of our operations and are true to the standard we keep as a football brand.

Well, the big question remains, where do we go from here. I can’t literally give this answer outright, but I do hope the stakeholders and management of our football industry will come up with a smooth plan going forward.

For Gbagada Football Club, I do know one thing which is there is a lot of interesting and exciting news coming through in the coming weeks and you right there will be the first to know.

Till we meet again next time, I will like to implore you after reading this piece to take a few minutes to navigate and explore the “Aeries Park”.


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