Written by Adeboye Akinyelu.


Hello, welcome to September, oh wow! The year really is running out and football activities have now been given the all-clear call from the higher authorities but without the fans in the stadium for the moment.

As we all know even while we were on the abrupt break, the club has been busy making several moves behind the scene and we are excited of what’s brooding within.

The priority remains to work majorly on the first team and getting the players to work together in forming a stronger unit.

With the manager speaking a few days ago on team recruitment and building, which is part of the technical work ongoing in the background, as we clearly understand the need to strengthen the squad.

A lot will be tasked from the team and the players when the season resumes, as there has to be a clear difference in performances from last season.

There was a lot of ups and downs in the last term, there wasn’t a flow of consistency which was quite worrying throughout the campaign.

With new additions joining the squad, there will be lots of transitioning within the group and some players will have to adjust to the team’s and manager’s style of play.

Determination, resilience, passion, positivity and ambition are some of the elements the fans and everyone involved with the club will demand. The immediate change in results which is only fair to ask, but there is also a process which we have to believe in.

We need to keep working on the team and giving them the time and support needed in achieving the end result, so we can all roar as champions.

It’s nice reaching out to you yet again from our corner of the Aeries Park. Something special is coming up soon, while not sit back, relax and wait for it. Till the next time. Go Blue Eagles!


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