COVID-19, Break & Community Engagements.

As we continue to count on the days since football has been put on hold in the country due to the pandemic, we have also used the opportunity of this period to reflect on other things which matter.

Team captain Fagbayi Semiu speaks about the forced break as a result of the virus and how he has kept football alive within his confinement, also involving himself with the club’s community engagements.


Fagbayi: ‘I have been well thankfully because at this moment a whole lot is going on around the world and having your sanity intact at this time is really a priority. But, I am healthy and really doing fine at the present.’

It was only fair for the attacker to talk about keeping his sanity considering the mixed feelings around the corners of the world, and as we went on in the discussion he mentioned on how he’s been keeping up with football.


Fagbayi: ‘Now that’s the toughest thing for me during this pandemic, COVID-19 showed up and forced us all on lockdown and for us as sportsmen that mean we can’t go out for any physical training.

So, as a team, we have to do along with our private routine and also work with the technical ones sent in through the coaching crew.

With this, we can put our body to work and still maintain keeping our shape and fitness intact before outdoor activities resume for sport.’

For someone who is all about getting to train, playing warmup games and getting into a good form on the run for the upcoming 2019/20 NLO season. It was just something he was looking forward to.


Fagbayi: ‘It was actually inevitable we all knew they would suspend the league. So, my reaction was just a complicated one because as much as we were raring to go, the safety was also very important for us all.

We’ve been preparing since last November went on the Christmas break and got back in early January and then getting close to the start then the whole pandemic situation hit.’

The captain who was recently featured in the club’s recent “World Sickle Cell Day” awareness video supporting the global cause, shared more light on his community engagements.


Fagbayi: ‘Gbagada FC as a club are passionate about these causes and other community functions. I am proud to always represent the team in this light because these campaigns are very important to our living.

The “Gbagada Cares” project was another one I was very excited about in this period, because in our own way as a team we were able to reach out to some of the elderly in the community who really needed the essential package to support their families.

There are more projects still to come in the future which I and my teammates will always be glad to participate in by giving back to our community.’

As he wrapped up, Fagbayi reiterated on the need for safety measures and basic hygiene from every one of our fans.

Fagbayi: ‘Even as we have the lockdown order being eased gradually, we still need to be cautious of the virus being real, so we need to keep at our regular hygiene routines and maintaining social distancing at all times.

Soon, we would defeat the virus together and everything else will come back to normal. Then we can also have our fans back at the grounds cheering us on. Stay safe all.’


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