Taking Responsibility.

In this week’s midweek pulse our ever-reliable defender; Adekunle Biliamin speaks on the continued hold on football in the country, mental approach and the club taking positive stands during these times.



Biliamin: ‘It has really been a difficult period all around the world, we all are looking up to God at this moment to sweep away this plaque so everything can once again come back to normal.’

For me, I have decided to put my mind only on the positives and focus on the brighter side of things. I wake up daily and set out to get the best out of the day.’

After a few months hold on sporting events across the world due to the virus, some of these sporting activities have resumed but mostly behind closed, but as it is there isn’t a green light in our country for the go-ahead of football events.


Biliamin: ‘Well, as we can see in Europe some of the top leagues are trying to wrap up the season behind closed door, but most of their lower leagues were concluded.

I would say the resumption of football doesn’t need to be rushed here for us, as the safety of everyone is what the government has been trying to work towards as they continue to manage the situation.’

The mental state of almost every individual was tested when the government announced the lockdown procedure, which had several effect in different ways.


Biliamin: ‘Just like I mentioned earlier I wake up daily just to get out the best of the day and I try to always maintain a positive energy for myself and everyone around me.

The club has also been very helpful in terms of communications, sending us routine tasks for fitness purposes and engaging us in social functions.’

The player who was also involved in the club’s last social campaign awareness against “Sexual Violence” explains the importance of joining in the movement.


Bilaimin: ‘One of the things that made me so happy in this period was to be able to join the club in giving back to the community.

Football has a voice and we must always use the platform we have to speak up against all forms of social vices.

I am glad to be a part of these causes, taking responsibility and making sure we do all we can to reach out to people in our own very way.’

As he finishes Biliamin implores everyone to remain calm and to keep staying positive, making it known everything will be back to the way they were before the pandemic.

Biliamin: ‘Positivity is all I will keep talking about and the need for us to remain calm and keep following what instructions the government gives and keep saying our prayers.

We all want to return to playing football but we must proceed with caution. I will like everyone to keep up with a hygienic environment and do stay safe.’


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