Last week the government announced the resumption of football activities in the country, however, without fans in the stadium.
This means players and staff can return to the pitch and continue their work ahead of the new season which will be rescheduled after the initial interruption due to the pandemic.
Defender; Adekunle Biliamin speaks about resumption in this week’s Word Spurs and what he looks forward to as the group returns together.
BILIAMIN: ‘When we got the news last week it brought about a good feeling to me personally because it’s been such a long time without football.
We all do understand the circumstances behind the suspension in the first place and we’re glad that there has been an improvement on the situation, even though we all still need to keep to our safety measures.
It would really be fun to get back to work and continue from where we left off. The pace at which we were training was quite intense at the time as we had to get back in shape after we got back from the Christmas break.
The priority for us is the upcoming season and working to get our fitness to the best level and also getting to understand the gaffer’s tactics and game plans.
As a group, we also expect to see new faces join the squad and add their quality to the team. It is always good to have competitions for spots within the squad, it helps grow the team stronger and it’s a challenge every player needs for the next level.
One thing I have definitely missed has been training with the other boys, as we work and laugh together. These past months have been a bit tough because you have to train on your own and also make sure you keep up to shape.
Normally, returning after a long period would see us being put through several fitness drills before we start kicking the balls around. This process is one I also look forward to as we get back to training.
I know once the season commences we can’t have the fans around at the games yet, but I know with time the situation will improve and we can have them back at the stands with us.’


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